9’0″-10’0″ : 67-75 Litres : 12mm stringer : 8-10kg

10’0″-11’0″ : 75-100 Litres : 17mm Stringer : 10-12kg

Heavy Weight Performance Huge Wave Boards for 15-30ft Waves.

In 2006, a young Grant Baker paddled an 8’10” into surfing history by winning the prestigious Mavericks contest. The board was unconventional. Shorter, wider, heavier and completely different to the rest of the field. Twiggy’s win lit fire to the movement towards futuristic gun design and the perspective on what was to be considered a performance Big Wave Surfboard.

The RHINO CHASER is the end result of the continuous re-development of this design over 10 years. It’s fast and responsive with control and has been tried and tested in the heaviest waves imaginable.

This modern gun is for the next level charger, designed with with a low entry, full nose, pulled in tail and ample volume to provide maximum paddle power and ultimate manoeuvrability, which equates to a board which paddles like it’s a foot longer while turning like its a foot shorter.

When you want to catch that wave, on that outer reef, this is the tool.

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