7’0″- 8’0″  :  43-53 Liters  :  4-6kg  / 8’0″-9’0  :  53-67 Liters  :  6-8kg  Medium Weight Performance Large Wave Boards for 8-15ft Waves.

The CHARGER is a mid-range gun design and is all about keeping volume in the board for paddling into larger waves, but having a shorter length board once on the wave to maximise turning ability.

This board has a wider, curvy outline throughout and a slight vee bottom creating a free turning board with all the hold and drive of a regular gun and is my go-to design for larger surf. A smooth paddle entry, accelerating through the vee’d tail allows this board control at high speed with maximum manoeuvrability.

With improved paddling thickness and a more refined tail, this is the perfect board for pushing your performance in larger surf. Use as a Thruster or Quad depending on conditions.

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